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Pathway Cocoa

Brand Pine Hall
Material Paver
Colors Earth Tones
Type Clay Paver
Series/Collection Pathway
Plant North Carolina

Pathway Cocoa 4×8, is a traditional wire-cut square-edge clay paver. A natural rich blend of browns. The dimensions are 4” by 8” by 2.25” thick.

The paver complies with ASTM C902, Class SX, Type I, Application PX and ASTM C67 for Freeze/Thaw. Heavy Vehicular pavers comply with ASTM C1272.


  L W H
Standard 8 in. 4 in. 2.25 in.
Modular 7-5/8 in. 3-5/8 in. 2.25 in.
Heavy Vehicular 8 in. 4 in. 2.75 in.
4 x 12  12 in. 4 in. 2.25 in.
8 x 8 8 in. 8 in. 2.25 in.
PaverTile 8 in. 4 in. .5 in.


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