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Brilliant Grey Glazed TN

Brand Glen-Gery
Material Ceramic
Colors Reds
Texture/Finish Sand Blasted

Enduring Ceramic Façade

Performance driven, Terraçade products are built for outstanding durability and performance. With an unmatched 100 year warranty the authentic natural clay material ensures the tiles easily withstand every extreme of weather, from intense UV, heat and even fire, to heavy storms and freezing temperatures. Providing a completely maintenance-free finish that is low carbon and energy efficient.

Prefinished Colorfast System

Creativity meets practicality. Appealing to both the creative and the practical, Terraçade has been designed to complement a diverse range of architectural styles, while the Terraçade system radically simplifies and speeds up the entire design and installation process. The complete Terraçade collection is prefinished and colorfast, meaning it will look as vibrant today as it will in 100 years.


Terracade Brochure
General Availability
Size T H L
Terracade TN 600 9/16 in. 11-13/16 in. 23-1/8 in.
Terracade TN 1200 9/16 in. 11-13/16 in. 46-3/4 in.

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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