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Lighten the load, not the look.

Tru-Brix Wall System

Lighten the load, not the look with Tru-Brix. This brick wall cladding system is used commercially and residentially to provide the classic brick aesthetic along with increased insulation and durability to contemporary architecture. The Tru-Brix cladding system is supported by any wall system without requiring extensive masonry.

Architectural applications

Tru-Brix Thin Brick Façade System is a highly functional, contemporary evolution of a classic building material. It expands the design palette, bringing brick’s distinctive appeal and permanence to an expanded range of building types. The Tru-Brix system also accommodates cast stone, window sills and headers, accent bands, soldier courses and many other attractive features, shapes and designs not possible with other thin-brick methods.

Residential applications

Tru-Brix, the strongest, most versatile way to apply thin brick to any home, replaces vinyl, wood or aluminum siding. A patented, snap-in steel-rail design holds the brick in place for a permanent mechanical attachment.

Tru-Brix provides the appeal of real brick without the cost, construction time and complications of traditional masonry.

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Real Brick

Tru-Brix cladding makes real brick available for projects where full-size brick isn’t economical or practical.

Eliminate Height Restrictions

Tru-Brix will eliminate the need for load-carrying steel, footers or wall height restrictions. 

Adaptive Installers

As with traditional brick, installers can adapt coursing to window and door openings, and adjust for out-of-square or out-of-plumb building situations.

No Product Restrictions

Includes a wide range of special shapes and designs, and hundreds of brick colors and textures.

Eliminate Bond Failure

The steel engagement into the tile grooves eliminates the possibility of a bond failure, which is possible in glue or mortar systems. 

Universal Support

Virtually any wall construction supports Tru-Brix: light commercial metal stud; curtain wall, prefabricated panels, or residential stud framing, insulated metal panels, and is exceptionally well-suited for rain screen wall systems.

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