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Black Brick

Sleek and Stylish in Every Shade: Discover the Modern Allure of Black Bricks

Black Brick

Welcome to the epitome of sophistication and contemporary elegance—our collection of black brick products. Embrace the timeless allure of deep, rich hues as you step into a world where bold design meets classic charm. Our selection of black brick is more than a color choice; it's a statement, an embodiment of sleek and modern aesthetics. From facades to interiors, these bricks effortlessly marry versatility with chic, offering a canvas for architects, builders, and designers to craft spaces that exude an undeniable sense of style. Explore the dramatic impact of black bricks and redefine the boundaries of architectural expression. Welcome to a space where innovation meets tradition, and every detail is as striking as it is enduring.

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brick architecture project spotlight with black brick

Project Spotlight: 1111 W Addison

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Architecture: Hirsch MPG
Contractor: Summit Builders G.C.
Developer: West Addison Development
Masonry: A-One Group LTD

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Brick Breakdown

Brick: Glen-Gery Ebonite Velour
Quantity: 42,000 Utility Size
25,000 Closures & Shapes

Brick: Medium I/S Velour
Quantity: 31,000 Utility Size
18,000 Closure Size

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Bring your new design to life with your favorite black brick product. Try the style-centered virtual design tool, Picture Perfect, to see your selected brick on your latest project.

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