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Red Brick

Bold Statements in Brick: Exploring the Rich Palette of Red Bricks

Red Brick

Welcome to a world of warmth and enduring charm—our selection of red brick products invites you to infuse your projects with a rich tapestry of color. Embodying the essence of tradition and timeless appeal, our selection of red bricks evoke a sense of classic elegance. Whether you're envisioning a rustic facade or a cozy interior, these bricks stand as a testament to the enduring beauty of deep, warm hues. Elevate your design journey with the versatility and character that classic red brick brings, transforming spaces into statements of bold sophistication and inviting aesthetics. Explore the countless possibilities and let the vibrancy of red bricks redefine the narrative of your architectural vision.

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red brick architecture featuring purdue university in a project spotlight

Project Spotlight: Purdue University, Dudley Hall & Lambertus Hall

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Architecture & Engineering: BSA LifeStructures
Masonry: Biancofiori Masonry, Inc.
Construction: Shiel Sexton

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Brick Breakdown

Brick: Glen-Gery 160-M
Quantity: 299,980 Modular
4,461 Lipped Stretchers
260 Lipped Corners

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