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Buff Fire Brick

Brand Whitacre Greer
Material Fire Brick
Colors Buff
Type Fire brick
Style Dry-Pressed

Whitacre Greer Fire Brick

Whitacre Greer is a leading manufacturer of low-duty fire brick for industrial uses and residential fireplaces. As with pavers, dry-pressing provides consistency and uniformity, resulting in accurate dimensions and a higher quality finished product. Dimensional stability also makes for faster and easier installation.

Attractive Whitacre Greer Dry-Pressed fireplace bricks brighten up the hearth while reflecting maximum heat into the living area. This unique project is also available in cobbled, adding an old world charm.

Accurate Dimensions: Dry pressing provides consistency and uniformity for easier installation and a high quality finished product. Available in a variety of sizes.

Buff fireplace bricks lend an old world look to the hearth, adding charm to any fireplace even before logs are ignited.


General Availability
  L W T Brick per ft2
Fullsize 9 in. 4.5 in. 2.5 in.


Split 9 in. 4.5 in. 1.25 in.


Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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