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AB Collection

Brand Allan Block
Material Concrete Retaining Wall
Colors Blacks, Earth Tones, Grays
Type Retaining Wall

AB Collection

When it comes to building a durable and stylish landscape wall, the AB Collection is a go-to choice for contractors and wall builders. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, the AB Collection offers endless possibilities to build impressive and unique landscape walls. Choose the AB Collection for the perfect balance of form and function in your next project.

Note: It is always advised to view a physical sample ahead of making a final selection.

Allen Block Project Resources

Block Estimating Tool
Allan Block CAD Design Details


Available Sizes
AB Classic | L: 17 5/8″W: 11 13/16″H: 7 7/8″
AB Classic Corner | L: 15 5/8″W: 7 13/16″H: 7 7/8″
AB Jumbo Jr. | L: 8 13/16″W: 9 1/2″H: 7 7/8″
AB Lite | L: 17 5/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″
AB Junior Lite | L: 8 7/8″W: 10 1/2″H: 3 15/16″
AB Cap | L: 17 5/8″W: 12″H: 3 5/8″
Important Information

Note: Structural retaining walls greater than 2' high require professional engineering.

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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