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Iconic Wall

Brand Techo Bloc
Material Concrete Wall Stone
Colors Blacks, Earth Tones, Grays, Whites
Type Wall


Techo Bloc's Iconic design provides a traditional look of stacked stone with a modern twist. The mixture of smooth and chiseled textures pleases even the most discerning eye. This design is perfect for contemporary design lovers who also have a weak spot for natural and traditional stone. With the liberty to choose among 4 colors, Iconic is great for use with retaining wall, for building planters, or for vertical elements such as outdoor kitchen features, grill islands, and pillars.


Decorative Wall
Patio & Terrace
Pool Deck
Outdoor Water Feature
Outdoor Fire Feature


Pallet Overview Specifications Per Pallet Imperial Metric
Facia Units Cubing

45 Units
45.95 Sq Ft
97.44 Lin Ft

45 Units
4.46 Sq M
29.70 Lin M

Approx. Weight 1,390 lbs 630 kg
Number of Rows 3  
Coverage Per Row 15.98 Sq Ft 1.49 Sq M
Linear Coverage Per Row 32.48 Lin Ft 9.90 Lin M


Pallet Overview Specifications Per Pallet Imperial Metric
Corner Units Cubing

12 Left Units
12 Right Units


Approx. Weight 700 lbs 318 kg
Number of Rows 3  
Pillar Height 37 7/16 in 900 mm


Pallet Overview Dimensions Units/pallet
Height 5 7/8 150 45 Units
Depth 2 3/4 70
Length 26 660
Height 5 7/8 75 24 Units
Depth 2 3/4 230 
Length 23 1/4 590

Specification – Retaining Wall

For more information on specifications for Graphix, please contact your local representative.

Important Information

Note: Structural retaining walls greater than 2' high require professional engineering.

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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