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U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System

Brand Unilock
Material Concrete Wall Stone
Colors Blacks, Earth Tones, Grays
Type Wall

U-Cara® Multi-Face Wall System

Exclusive to Unilock, this patented wall system represents a revolution in wall design. With U-Cara it’s now possible to design walls, pillars, planters, fire features, grill islands and more, with the refined surface and long-lasting color of exclusive Unilock EnduraColor finishes. 

U-Cara Fascia Panels can be placed anywhere along the patented Sure Track Backer Block, allowing for pattern, color and texture combinations that are impossible to achieve with other systems. Build single or double sided vertical landscape features using the Standard Sure Track Backer block, or use the Large Backer Block in the setback position to construct retaining walls up to 3ft (0.9m) high without the need for geogrid. 

Clad existing walls using the U-Cara Wall Mount System and build pillars and grill islands faster than ever before with the U-Cara Modular System. 




300mm x 100mm x 200mm
11 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 7 7/8"
500mm x 100mm x 200mm
19 3/4" x 3 7/8" x 7 7/8"
400mm x 100mm x 200mm
15 3/4" x 3 7/8" x 7 7/8"
300mm x 100mm x 200mm
11 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 7 7/8"
600mm x 100mm x 200mm
23 5/8" x 3 7/8" x 7 7/8"
Things to Know

APPLICATIONS – Design and build projects such as planters, steps, grill islands, pillars, seat walls and water features. Recommended for straight applications only.

CAPACITY – walls up to 2 ft. (60 cm) in height and hardscape features up to 4 ft. (1.2m)

RECOMMENDED BASE STABILIZATION – one layer of DriveGrid™ stabilization grid between subgrade and base material. Use under Standard Base or Permeable Base.

STANDARD BASE – Min. 6” – 8” of ¾” Crusher Run gravel (any road base standard in accordance with ASTM-D2940) compacted to 98% Standard Proctor Density (SPD).

ALTERNATIVE PERMEABLE BASE – Min. 6” – 8” of ¾“ clear open-graded stone compacted to achieve full particle lock-up and consolidation. (Clear open-graded does not compact but does consolidate slightly by rattling the particles together).

LEVELING – Leveling retaining wall blocks directly on top of gravel is tedious and generally does not yield the best results. U-Grip Base units or universal base pads are recommended under all Unilock walls for improved accuracy and speedier installation. Additional benefits include long term structural integrity and an overall better appearance. Poured concrete leveling pads, reinforced with rebar, are also a great way to accomplish leveling, particularly for larger installations. You must ensure that the concrete is poured and finished perfectly in order to achieve a good visual appearance.

CONNECTION – Lineo has small spacer strips that are placed between the blocks during construction to create a 3/16” (4mm) gap between units. Lineo relies on a concrete adhesive for connection between units. In order to make a connection between blocks, the adhesive must be “mounded” higher than 3/16” (4mm) in evenly spaced blobs so that it adheres the units together. Always read adhesive manufacturers’ directions prior to gluing.

HANDLING – Handle carefully so you don’t chip the nice crisp edges.

COPING - This wall does not require coping, but coping is generally used to complete the installation visually. Choose a manufactured coping such as Unilock Universal Coping or any of our natural stone coping options. Install with tight joints or 3/16” gap between units and amend with an exterior latex caulking. Cutting may be required; a diamond blade saw is required to cut coping properly. Glue all coping using a specially formulated concrete adhesive that is strong and will not break down over time. Always read adhesive manufacturers’ directions prior to gluing.

  PILLAR UNIT (100) Random Bundle
Layers per Bundle 3 3
Per Bundle Section 3 -
Units Per Section 30 -
Units per Bundle 90 63
Units per Layer 30 21
Units per FcFt 3.00 1.97
Lbs per Layer 890.00 948.33
Lbs Per Section 890.00 -
Lbs per Bundle 2,670.00 2,845.00
Lbs per Unit 29.67 45.16
FcFt per Layer 9.99 10.64
FcFt per Bundle 29.97 31.91
FcFt per Unit 0.33 0.51
Lin Ft per Bundle - Soldier - 94.46
Lin Ft per Layer - Soldier - 31.49
Lin Ft per Unit - Soldier - 1.50
Documents & Details
Important Information


Note: Structural retaining walls greater than 2' high require professional engineering.

What to Consider


The standard size fascia panel is 18”x6”. Closed-end corner units and half-size panels are sold as a separate bundle to facilitate automatic offset joints without cutting. Use these standard size panels alone or in combination with smaller 9”x3” fascia panels, which are available in selected colors and finishes for accenting.


U-Cara fascia panels are made with EnduraColor for unparalleled color longevity and style options you can’t get anywhere else. Mix and match a variety of colors and textures to create the perfect custom look for your project.

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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