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Eden Outcropping

Brand Eden
Material Natural Stone
Colors Earth Tones
Style Natural Stone Boulder

Stone Properties
Available in specific thickness ranges, the gray, buff and golden hues of Eden Outcropping are versatile enough to fit any application. Try adding Eden Weathered Edge Outcropping to help accentuate the warm, golden hues within the stone.

Availability – Average Size
Graded As:  1-2 Man, 2-3 Man, Bobcat Size, Pallet Size or Larger
Thickness Ranges:  6” – 10”, 8” – 12”, 13” – 16”, 16”+
Lengths:  Minimum 1’ up to 15’ –
Call for special sizing

Availability – Large Outcropping
Graded As: Pallet Size or Larger
Thickness Ranges:  16”+
Lengths:  Up to 15’ – 
Call for sizing and availability

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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