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Chilton Weather Edge Cut Drywall

Brand Eden
Material Natural Stone
Colors Earth Tones
Style Natural Stone Drywall

Stone Properties
Chilton Weathered Edge products offer the boldest color palette in the Eden line. Shades of brown, buff, rust, red and slight purple can be found in this beautiful product.
Standard drywall is cut 8″ wide with the bedface on top and the weathered edge exposed on the vertical wall. Some images shown here depict both Splitface and Weathered Edge.

Approximate face feet per ton:
6” depth- 30 sqft per ton
8” depth- 20 sqft per ton
10” depth- 17 sqft per ton
12” depth- 15 sqft per ton
Thickness graded in 1″ increments:  2″-3″, 3″-4″, 4″-5″ and 5″-6″

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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