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2016 Indy Home-A-Rama

December 23, 2022

Location: Westfield, Indiana
Builder: G&G Custom Homes
Stone Exterior: Halquist Black Forest Stone
Thin Brick Interior: Bourbon Street
Stone Fireplace: Landmark Chisel Gray Stack Stone




Main Floor

This classic yet extremely unique Home-A-Rama floor plan favors sprawling open spaces and living areas designed specifically with the family in mind. The entryway leads straight into the heart of the home, leading visitors into the family living space featuring a fireplace with Landmark Stone Chisel Gray Stackstone and the dining area with an accessible kitchen nearby. Functional rooms like Mom’s office, the mudroom, and the laundry room are also on the main floor. The deluxe master suite takes up one entire side of the home, complete with tub, walk-in shower and water closet, as well as an enormous walk-in closet. Don’t forget the elegant and open covered porch, which the family will be able to enjoy during beautiful Indiana springs, summers, and falls.

Second Floor

The second floor of this home features a fun and very usable sitting area and loft space where family members can gather upstairs outside of the bedroom areas. Attached to the loft space is a study with impressive windows that look out toward the street, allowing children to play and create without making a mess downstairs. Each home-a-rama bedroom enjoys access to its own bathroom, and the bunk room at the very end of the house is designed to maximize space and create a fun area for family members to enjoy.

Lower Level

This home a rama lower level is the ultimate entertaining space, complete with a theater, a game room, and an exercise space. As you walk down the stairs, you will be greeted by a luxury bar clad in Hebron Bourbon Street Thin Brick. You’ll also see a booth table, seating and a chalkboard, making the basement feel like the family’s very own in-home bar and restaurant. The lower level also contains spacious guest quarters for visitors with windows looking out into the backyard. The windows along the back of the house will allow for natural light to filter into this exciting living area. This level also included plenty of square footage for storage


For the brick in the basement the idea was to give us an old world look with a modern touch for the brewery - Joe Garcia, Owner of G&G Custom Homes

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