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DIY Clay Brick Paver Patio

August 02, 2023

A clay brick paver patio adds charm, functionality, and value to your outdoor living space. Whether you want a cozy spot to entertain guests or a serene retreat to relax, building a DIY clay brick paver patio can be a rewarding project. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a beautiful and durable clay brick paver patio, complete with examples to inspire your creativity. Let's get started!

Materials Needed:

  • Bricks: Choose high-quality clay brick pavers in the color and style of your preference.
  • Coarse sand: For the base and leveling.
  • Gravel: Provides stability and aids in drainage.
  • Landscape fabric: Helps prevent weed growth between the pavers.
  • Edging material: Options include plastic, metal, or concrete edging to keep the pavers in place.
  • Tamper: To compact the base and sand layers.
  • Level: To ensure a flat and even surface.
  • Rubber mallet: For tapping and adjusting the bricks.
  • Shovel and wheelbarrow: For moving materials.
  • Broom: To sweep sand between the paver joints.
  • Safety equipment: Gloves, safety glasses, and a dust mask.

Step 1: Planning and Preparation

  1. Measure the area: Determine the size and shape of your patio. Mark the boundaries with stakes and string.
  2. Check for utility lines: Before digging, call your local utility company to ensure you won't hit any underground lines.
  3. Choose the paver pattern: Consider various patterns like herringbone, running bond, or basket weave, and pick the one that suits your design vision.

Step 2: Excavation and Base Preparation

  1. Excavate the area: Remove grass, rocks, and debris to a depth of about 6-8 inches. The depth may vary based on your soil conditions and the paver thickness.
  2. Level the ground: Use a rake and tamper to create a flat and even surface.
  3. Install landscape fabric: Lay landscape fabric over the excavated area to prevent weed growth.

Step 3: Adding the Base Layers

  1. Add gravel: Pour a 4-inch layer of gravel over the landscape fabric and spread it evenly. Use a tamper to compact the gravel firmly.
  2. Layer with coarse sand: Add a 1-inch layer of coarse sand over the compacted gravel. Level the sand with a board and check for evenness with a level.

Step 4: Installing the Pavers

  1. Start at the edge: Begin laying bricks from one corner or edge of the patio area.
  2. Follow the pattern: Lay the bricks according to your chosen pattern. Use the rubber mallet to tap the bricks gently into place.
  3. Maintain even spacing: Place 1/8-inch spacers between the bricks for uniformity in the joints.
  4. Check for level: Regularly use the level to ensure the surface is even and flat.
  5. Cut bricks as needed: If required, use a brick saw or chisel to cut bricks to fit the edges or corners. Make sure you use the proper safety gear for this step.

Step 5: Edging and Finishing

  1. Install edging: Secure the perimeter with edging material to keep the bricks in place and provide a finished look.
  2. Sweep in sand: Spread fine sand over the surface of the patio and sweep it into the joints between the bricks.
  3. Compact the bricks: Run a tamper over the bricks to ensure they settle evenly into the sand-filled joints.
  4. Repeat sand filling: Add more sand and repeat the tamping process until all gaps are filled and the patio is level.


  1. Traditional Herringbone: A classic pattern that complements any outdoor space.
  2. Circle Kit Design: Create a beautiful focal point with a circular brick patio and radial patterns.
  3. Multi-Colored Basket Weave: Use bricks in different colors to form an eye-catching, interwoven design.
Herringbone pattern
running bond pattern

Building a DIY clay brick paver patio requires careful planning, patience, and attention to detail. With the right materials and these step-by-step instructions, you can create a stunning patio that enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living area. Let your creativity shine by exploring various paver patterns and designs to make your patio a unique and inviting space for years to come. Happy building!

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