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Purdue University: Dudley Hall & Lambertus Hall

November 03, 2022

Author: Brian Bridge

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
BSA LifeStructures
BSA LifeStructures
Shiel Sexton
Biancofiori Masonry Inc.

Glen-Gery 160-M
299,980 Modular
4,461 Lipped Stretchers
260 Lipped Corners

Project Details

Purdue University's Dudley Hall & Lambertus
Hall feature over 43,000 square feet of Glen-Gery's 160-M bricks. This project, like many university projects, choose brick masonry products for their timeless look and long lasting resiliency. The result is a brick facade that doesn't fade and requires significantly less maintenance over the life of the structure.

According to Purdue, the “Engineering and Polytechnic Gateway” project, is a major construction project for Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute and College of Engineering. The new complex will provide a total of 255,000 gross square feet, primarily for instructional laboratories, faculty offices, design studios and collaborative spaces. Consisting of two connected buildings named Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall, the complex will increase both the quality and quantity of instructional lab space, provide more dedicated space for active learning and lab-centric instructional methods, and bring together labs that are currently geographically separated. The complex is expected to open for instructional use in January 2023.

The size, design and location of Dudley Hall and Lambertus Hall are certain to make it a visual anchor on Purdue University’s campus, and the labs and the activities that take place within will make the facility an anchor of campus vitality as well. Designed to provide a Gateway in a variety of ways, it also will function as an invitation, and as a new connection between Purdue’s engineering and polytechnic schools and the rest of the world. - BSA LifeStructures

Time-Lapse Site Progression Jan 20 - Dec 2022

Time-lapse from January 2020 to December 2022 showing the removal of the Nuclear Engineering and Michael Golden Labs facilities and the development of the new Engineering & Polytechnic Gateway Complex slated to open in January 2023.

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