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Pixel Perfect

February 27, 2023

Author: Unilock

Modern Grey Paver Driveway is Pixel Perfect

Designing the perfect driveway is not a black and white concept…unless you are planning on using those shades to create an entirely out-of-this-world outdoor space. This particular modern grey paver driveway is not just like any driveway, but rather a work of pixelated art.


Using a three-toned combination of Unilock Series pavers, a running bond pattern was laid starting from one color before evolving into an array of different paver patterns. The design is akin to a computer program, with color transforming and morphing to create a surface pattern that is wholly unique. The pixel pattern switches from light to darker toned pavers as you approach the garage and creates a path to the side yard. Unilock Series pavers are part of the EnduraColor family of products, which protects the surface of the driveway from the appearance of fading over time. As you head up the steps to the front door, Unilock Umbriano Hex Pavers are again laid in a blend of different color palettes that don’t carry any symmetry in its design but will certainly ignite curbside conversation. Unilock Umbriano in Winter Marvel is used on the top step of the entryway, with hexagon paver inserts that disrupt the running bond laying pattern.


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