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Drip Plates / Edges

Brand Hohman and Barnard

Product Information


Drip Plates (Drip Edge)

  • DP
    • Our Standard Drip Plate, furnished with a smooth, factory-formed hemmed edge for installation safety and uniform appearance.
    • Standard DP Drip Plates are compatible with all H&B flashing products.
    • DP-LB
      • Same as above, for lip brick conditions.

  • FTS
    • Optional Foam-Tite Seal™ offers unique added protection against the ingress of water in cavity wall construction.
    • It is a continuous 1/8” strip of factory-installed compressible foam to act as a bond-break and help prevent air and moisture infiltration.
    • FTS-LB
      • Same as above, for lip brick conditions.

  • FTSA
    • Adds our optional Flash-Adhere™ Adhesive Strip to the FTS Drip Plate (as described above). This adhesive strip (with tear-off release paper) is factory-installed on the top side of the drip plate to aid in the precise and permanent placement of the flashing.
    • FTSA-LB
      • Same as above, for lip brick conditions.

  • Drip Plate Corners
    • Drip Plate Inside and Outside Corners are pre-formed pieces with a smooth, uninterrupted, hemmed drip edge to maintain the integrity of the flashing system.
    • Available with Foam-Tite Seal™ and /or Flash-Adhere™ Adhesive strip.
    • For corner pieces, reference “inside” or “outside” with above product numbers.



  • Available 1-1/2” or 3” wide (other widths available on request).


  • Fabricated from Type 304 or Type 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Also available in copper and lead-coated copper.


  • U.S. Pat. No. 6,584,746 Other Patents Pending
  • H&B sources Stainless Steel from a wide variety of vendors. Per the International Stainless SteelForum, Stainless Steel objects have an average of 60% recycled content.
  • Foam-Tite™ Seal and Flash-Adhere™ Adhesive Strip are compatible with ALL types of flashing.
  • H&B does NOT recommend the use of galvanized sheet as a drip plate/edge.

*When cleaning the exterior veneer, the cleaner’s manufacturer recommendations for protecting metal must be followed.

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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