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TeXtroflash™ Flashing

Brand Hohman and Barnard

Product Information


H&B's Textroflash™ Flashing a thru-wall flashing/surface-mounted flashing is a 40-mil thick composite membrane with a new, proprietary adhesive that offers even more tackiness than the original Textroflash. This adhesive is factory-laminated to rugged, polyethylene sheeting, yielding a flexible membrane that is suitable for application to masonry, concrete, steel, gypsum and wood.

  • Adhesive-backed with removable release paper, will not drool when exposed to UV or heat.
  • Provides dual-layered waterproofing protection.
  • Resists tearing and slicing.
  • Hohmann & Barnard recommends the use of Stainless Steel pre-formed soldered corners and end dams.
  • UV-resistant for up to 120 days.

Textroflash™ Flashing may be used in thru-wall or surface-mount applications.


  • For use as surface-mount & thru-wall flashing ONLY.
  • Textroflash™ Flashing Installation Instructions
  • This product should be used in conjunction with:
    • Primer-SA Hohmann & Barnard's Water-Based Primer for Self-Adhering Flashing
    • HB Sealant
  • A stainless steel or copper H&B Drip Plate is strongly recommended to effectively guide moisture to the exterior
  • A H&B Termination Bar (T1 or T2) must also be used for surface-mount applications
  • Hohmann & Barnard is not responsible for incompatibility resulting from the use of non-H&B products

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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