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Slurrytub Portable Filtering System

Brand Slurrytub
Material Heavy-duty recyclable polypropylene tub, designed to drain quickly
Fitting Drain Plugs with threaded holes, suitable for standard 20mm tap and hose fittings


On the job, SLURRYTUB is a straightforward piece of kit. It uses a single-use biodegradable filter that is placed into the tub and secured down by attaching the 4 holes into the cleats. Slurry waste is then poured into the tub, hand tools and equipment can be washed down with the runoff flowing into the tub. The filtered water is then drained safely in washout areas or recycle on the job. Most of the water should drain within 30-60 minutes depending on the slurry contents. When dry enough, dispose of the hardened waste, along with the biodegradable filter into the work site skip at the end of the day. Way too easy!

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