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professional water sealant PWS-15 Super Strength
professional water sealant PWS-15 Super Strength

PWS-15 Super Strength

Brand Professional Products Kansas
Material Sealant

Split face, fluted, expanded shale and other extremely porous block 

Used as the second coat for brick and concrete, stucco, sandstone and limestone. 

Used as the first coat for all vertical surfaces. Used as the second coat for split face, fluted, expanded shale and most other concrete block. 

A clear, penetrating, breathable, UV Resistant, water repellent, sealer, and anti-graffiti formulated using the latest in durable RTV Silicone Rubber Technology. Capable of bridging hairline cracks (400% elongation) and Resisting 98-mph Wind Driven Rain Conditions. PWS-15 is a “Dual Purpose” water repellent / graffiti protection sealer for extremely porous vertical substrates.  Cures in 1 hour. 

Professional® Water Sealant & Anti-Graffitiant – PWS-15 Water Sealant (Recommended for Extremely Porous, Vertical Substrates Only) is ideal for use on concrete, brick, block, fluted block, split face block, Haydite, and other very porous building materials. This clear, penetrating, RTV Silicone sealer is a proprietary blend of inorganic silicone polymers which provide maximum resistance to breakdown from the suns damaging UV light, as well as resistance to acid rain. PWS-15 Watersealant’s unique RTV silicone technology allows it to remain flexible inside the substrate and allow for bridging of hairline cracks and protection against building freeze-thaw cycles. Once installed it remains breathable to allow moisture vapor to escape while preventing outside water penetration. Simple 1-coat application, 10-Year warranties available. 2-coats required when using PWS-15 as an Anti-Graffiti Coating system. Meets ASTM E-514 Water Repellency and 98-mph Wind Driven Rain Conditions. PWS-15 Super Strength is rated the Best Split Faced Block Water Repellent & Sealer on the market today.

- Provides for easy removal of graffiti once installed
- Non-sacrificial — , won’t break down, withstands repeated cycles of graffiti removal with no requirement to reapply the water repellent anti-graffitiant
- Stops water intrusion, as well as provides graffiti protection 
- Cost effective 
- Easy to apply with low-pressure pump-up sprayer 
- Bridges hairline cracks 
- Breathable — allows moisture vapor to escape while preventing water penetration 
- Penetrating & Anti-Graffitiant 
- Durable & long lasting — not affected by UV rays, airborne pollutants, salt spray, or acid rain 
- Withstands 98-MPH wind-driven Hurricane force rain 

FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. For use by trained, experienced professionals, and contractors. 

Based on manufacturer assigned sales territories, product availability may vary by location.

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