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160 N Elizabeth

October 14, 2022

Author: Tim Peterson

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Thomas Roszak
Clark Construction
Moceri & Roszak

RV Builders

Belden 470-479 Med I/S Smooth
22,000 Norman Size
12,075 Modular Size
279 Norman Lip Stretchers
County Materials Slate Smooth
21,025 8" Half High Units

160 N Elizabeth
, a development designed by Thomas Roszak Architecture, will rise 293 feet and hold 383 residential units and 9,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The structure will include space for 150 bicycle spaces and 117 vehicle parking spaces.

The project’s design consists of a three-story glass and brick podium that fills the entire site. This podium is topped by a steel and glass tower that rises with a setback on the 14th floor. Metal screens and framing is featured at the setback on the 14th floor and at the crown of the building. Balconies are integrated into the massing of the structure.

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